Welcome on the website : Paths of Etalle

I invite you to discover the side roads and paths of my municipality... 

Etalle is a municipality, in the south of Belgium. Mostly wooded and steeped in very ancient and fascinating history, it conceals a powerful and enchanting magic, that of time travel, but also that of the always astonishing present. I invite you to discover it.

In the north, the "mardelles", in the south, the "crons" : you will discover these Gaume characteristics during your virtual trip. And then, in addition to the green gold of the forest, Etalle is full of blue gold: water is omnipresent in the municipality. There are many marshes, fens, springs and streams. This water is also extracted for commercial purpose under the name "Valvert".

« Paths of Etalle », is a passion that I have developed thanks to the group "Soft Mobility" initiated by Isabelle Mauny, who I would like to thank sincerely. With this group, we crisscrossed all the paths and trails in the municipality, on the map, in the field and through the virtual means that are currently at our disposal. Together, we imagined the "ADEO" network ( "going to ..." , in Latin), whose objective is to rehabilitate the paths and trails, sometimes forgotten, which allowed once a "soft" link between the different villages of the municipality. ADEO invites the Stabulois to reclaim these small paths, on foot, by bike or on horseback, not only for the ride, but also to go shopping, to reach sports club or the municipal administration.

And, to combine the useful with the pleasant, we have broadened the paths description by detailing all the points of interest along them. This is how I developed a taste for adventure and became interested in the heritage of "Grand Etalle" and its history. And, one thing leading to another, this website was born.

I hope that, as well as I did, you will enjoy discovering, or rediscovering every nook and corner of the municipality. And do not hesitate to send me your comments and to inform me of other routes or points of interest ...


It is difficult to quote all the works consulted, but I particularly want to highlight the work of Albert Lamand "Names of places of the great Etalle", from which I drew a lot of inspiration for the "toponymy" aspect.