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About the municipality and elsewhere

There is no point in reinventing the wheel ...
If information or documents exist on other websites, it is better to provide the links.

For some, these are local sites and for others, references to archive sites that I have found interesting. Click on the icon or figure to access it.

The municipality of Etalle
Mairie d'Etalle

Let us give honour where honour is due : I suggest to meet you on the site of the municipality of Etalle to find out about the services and the possibilities of help.

The tourist office of Etalle
Logo du syndicat d'initiative d'Etalle

The Etalle tourist office offers certain brochures and offers several activities in the municipality.
Its website can be reached by the "tourism" tab of the municipal website.
A separate website is also available at the following link.

Moissonneuse des Trévires reconstituée

The non-profit association Archetal (Association for Research, Knowledge and History of the municipality of Etalle) is responsible for the protection, restoration and maintenance of the municipal heritage.
Its website shows some of his achievements.

The Vance village
Rue de Vance jadis

Interesting and very well documented site on Vance yesterday and today through photography.

Potales and calvaries
Croix de la Femme

Blog where all the calvaries, potales, crosses and other monuments of the municipality of Etalle are presented in photos.

The "Maison du Tourisme de Gaume"
Logo de la Maison du Tourisme de Gaume

Located in Virton, the Tourism House of Gaume offers many walks, activities and visits in the Gaume region.

NEPTUN at the University of Namur
Logo de NEPTUN (Université de Namur)

Created in 2013, NEPTUN (Digitization of the Heritage of the University of Namur) is a virtual showcase intended to share with as many people as possible the precious heritage of the University of Namur and its partners.
Many of these ancient documents have been digitized in this way and are accessible to the public.
A search engine makes it easy to find the documents sought, then to download them if desired.

In particular, with regard to the province of Luxembourg, NEPTUN welcomes the "Annales" (yearbooks) as well as the "Quarterly Bulletin" of the Archaeological Institute of Luxembourg.

Certain issues of these two reviews more particularly evoke Etalle.
For the "Annals" mentions of our villages can be found in:

  • volumes 2 and 4 : excavations in Villers-sur-Semois
  • volume 3 : etymology of place names
  • volume 5 : Villers-sur-Semois and Villers-Tortru
  • volume 6 : Vance seigneury
  • volumes 8 à 12 et 108-109 : the Counts of Chiny
  • volume 23 : Luxembourg municipalities: volume 3, the arrondissement of Virton by Emile Tandel
  • volume 19 : the Etalle provostship
  • volume 47 : the Hole of the Fairies
  • volume 90 : the story of Vance by Jules Massonnet
  • volume 100 : the biography of Henri Henriquez by Marcel Bourguignon
  • volume 105 : the fountains of the province of Luxembourg by Georges Matagne
  • volumes 118 and 119 : the biography of Fernand Neuray
  • volumes 124 and 125 : the iron age in Luxembourg by Marcel Bourguignon
  • volumes 128 and 129 : the lineage and the seigneury of Sainte-Marie by Dominique Lepage
  • volume 130 : the attitude of the clergy of the canton of Etalle during and after the French revolution by Roland Yande

and for the "Quarterly Bulletins", some interesting elements can be found for example in:

  • issue of 1947 : Landin is mentioned
  • issue of 1955 : biography of Father Lenoir by Fernand Doucet
  • issues of 1958 and of 1976 : the altar table and the ara of Villers
  • issue of 1988 : the construction of the Villers school by Roland Yande
  • issue of 1994 : Huombois, birth and development of a Hamlet by Roland Yande
  • issue of 1995 : the Bar farm by Roland Yande
  • issue of 2003 : Brother Abraham Gilson

BALaT, the IRPA search engine
Logo de l'IRPA

This search engine of the Royal Institute of Artistic Heritage allows you to download images of Belgian art history free of charge in a photo library of 750,000 photos with just one click. For example, the religious heritage of our villages is widely represented.

Internet Archives
Logo d'Internet Archives

Huge digital library of old documents, hosted in San Francisco (in English).
A keyword search engine gives access to a large number of documents (check "Search text content" so that the keyword is found in the text itself).
Once selected, the bottom of the screen allows you to download the document, for example in pdf.
By typing "Villers-sur-Semois", you can find around 170 documents ...
On the other hand, their sorting is rather tedious to achieve.