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Village atmospheres ... These are, on the one hand, performances by the "Ara Romana" theater group from Villers-sur-Semois.
The "company" is made up of amateurs from Villers and Mortinsart who, for many, have no experience of theater boards. It is therefore first of all a matter of bringing together young people, adults and the less young to prepare a performance, to stage it, to fit out the barn where the show takes place, then to bring together the inhabitants, families and friends to present them the fruit of these few months of work.
About thirty people, actors, directors, technicians or in charge of stewardship, are thus concerned by an activity that begins as soon as the text is formatted and its first reading.
The representation is of course the apotheosis, but only constitutes the "final touch" of a whole joint work carried out in the conviviality.

The recipe is simple: to welcome all those who want to participate, without complex, even and especially if they have no experience of scenic play, then build together an original show that differs from traditional plays by its local character. Indeed, the dialogue is based on a very free adaptation of anecdotes and stories from the villages.
What contributes a lot to the magic of the show is the barn in which it takes place, at the end of the village at the entrance of a wood, which allows to build a very special atmosphere and adapted to the theme.
But it is also the voluntary and spontaneous participation of a large part of the population for the technical aspects, the stewardship and the inspiration of the texts and without which the Ara Romana would not exist.

So be indulgent, including for the quality of the videos, made with the means at hand ...

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Virtual routes In addition, videos have also been produced on the routes described elsewhere on this site.
For the moment, these are two routes that start from Villers-sur-Semois.
Stroll through the ancient villages .. Finally, we offer you a stroll through the old photos of the villages of the municipality.
For the most part, these are old postcards dating from the first half of the 20th century.
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